Customer Reviews for Tripster by Feefo

Date Service Rating Customer Review
5/18/2022 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Easy to pick choices
5/18/2022 Ticket Purchase
Barbie was excellent and patient with me.
5/17/2022 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Easy trip planning for a large family! Price was less as well!!
5/17/2022 Ticket Purchase
Quick and easy
5/17/2022 Ticket Purchase
The representative was super nice!!! After answering all of my questions and transactions, she made sure I didn’t need anything else.
5/17/2022 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Very user friendly app! Highly recommend!
5/16/2022 Ticket Purchase
Barby was extremely helpful in removing one of our adult dinners and refunding the ticket price. Very pleasant and easy to wrk with.
5/16/2022 Ticket Purchase
Very easy to navigate and understand!
5/15/2022 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Very clear site and choices which bundled up to give unbeatable deals
5/15/2022 Ticket Purchase
Fast and simple. Printed tickets or electronic tickets either way you want them.
5/13/2022 Ticket Purchase
We looked online for Sea World deals for Tickets and was able to get better deals with Tripster than on Sea World website. Using the ticket was hassle free, Sea World personnel scammed the ticket from our cell phone.
5/10/2022 Ticket Purchase
Purchase of tickets was very easy, just waiting on the event
5/9/2022 Ticket Purchase
Easy quick transaction great deal
5/9/2022 Ticket Purchase
Easy to navigate website. Bought a combo ticket pack and when looked up individual prices on website then could of gotten it for same price (If not a few bucks cheaper). So didn't really get a discount buying combo through tripster. But website was easy to use. Recieved tickets as promised.
5/9/2022 Ticket Purchase
So far I'am happy with Tripsters. Know more when finish our trip.
5/9/2022 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Agent was a great listener, personable, and very helpful. She explained different packages based on my needs.
5/9/2022 Ticket Purchase
Great rates, and very easy to use. We booked a dinner show through Tripster and it made our family night so much more affordable. The booking site was very user friendly.
5/8/2022 Ticket Purchase
Super easy and great savings.
5/7/2022 Ticket Purchase
Super easy, very smooth
5/6/2022 Ticket Purchase
It was a great experience..just make your choice..and purchase tickets. No salesman hassle....and NO fee. I come back to this site every year. A pleasant experience.
Tripster Response: We are glad you like the hassle free purchasing options! Enjoy your trip!

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