Christmas Gifts for Travelers: What to Buy for Every Budget

November 1, 2019

Are you trying to find the right gift for the traveler in your life?

When your friend or family member is constantly exploring new places, choosing the perfect gift can seem like a challenge. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a guide of the best Christmas gifts for travelers!

From inexpensive stocking stuffers to life-changing gadgets, there’s something for every traveler on our list. Choose your budget and get started!

Inexpensive Christmas gifts for travelers

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Travelers

When you need a stocking stuffer or two, these inexpensive items are the perfect choice for every type of traveler.

International Travel Adapter

It’s a pain in the neck to bring different chargers, cables, etc. overseas to power up your phone, laptop, and other technology or accessories. Give the gift of convenience with an affordable International Travel Adapter.

Price: $12.99

Passport Cover Case

Say goodbye to misplacing your passport or mistaking it for someone else’s. Buy a stylish passport cover case to individualize your travels (and provide peace of mind along the way.)

Price: $6.99+

Stylish Luggage Tags

There is nothing worse or more irritating than trying to pick your black luggage out of the sea of similar-looking suitcases at baggage claim. Give the gift of individuality with some stylish luggage tags this holiday season.

Price: $15.00-$30.00

Travel Books

Travelers love the sense of adventure, even when they’re not on one. Books are the perfect escape, whether you’re on the plane to your next destination or in the comfort of your own home. Gift yourself, friends, and family any of these popular books about traveling:

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Price: Varies by Book

Portable Battery

The last thing you want when traveling is for your phone to die. And finding an outlet in an unknown area is the type of treasure hunt you don’t want to go on. Instead, put a portable battery in your traveler’s stocking this holiday season and they’ll always be charged and ready to go.

Price: $29.99

Scratch-Off Map

A scratch-off map of the world is among the most quintessential Christmas gifts for travelers. The thrill of revealing their latest travels on the map is a thrill unlike any other.

Price: $13.99

Budget-Friendly Travel Gifts

For a gift they’ll always remember, consider purchasing these Christmas gifts the traveler in your life (or yourself!) this year.

Packable Jacket

In some destinations, the weather is so temperamental that you constantly switch from having a jacket on to taking it off. A packable jacket can help alleviate the nuisance of carrying around a jacket all day. And, it makes traveling through an airport far easier.

Price: $40.00-$80.00

AeroPress Coffee Maker

Real talk: hotel coffee is gross.

And, there’s always the chance your AirBnb or rental host doesn’t offer any coffee making equipment. (The horror.)

The AeroPress is a super simple way to make coffee on-the-go. Whether you’re camping, stuck in a hotel, or exploring a new country, this packable coffee maker keeps you caffeinated wherever you are. All you need is hot water, a cup, and your coffee of choice. It’s that easy.

Price: $35.00

Packing Cubes

Isn’t it funny how all of us travelers love to venture off to new destinations but despise packing? Packing cubes make the dreadful chore of packing a suitcase quick and easy. Best of all, they’re super budget-friendly for gift-givers!

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Price: $20.00-$40.00

ENO Hammock

Is the traveler in your life more of the outdoorsy type? Do they escape to hiking trails and camping sites for some quality time outside? If so, they’ll love receiving an ENO Hammock for Christmas! It’s the perfect way to rest in the middle of a hiking trail or forest.

Price: $49.95-$79.95

YETI Water Bottle

All travelers know the value of a top-quality water bottle. It can make or break your entire trip! YETI is a leading brand with rave reviews. Check out their wide range of products and find the right gift for the travelers in your family.

Price: $29.95-$49.95

Neck Pillow

You may laugh at the thought of gifting a neck pillow for Christmas, but they can be a life-saver on long haul flights! But be sure to evaluate the quality of the pillow. Certain pillows are made cheaply, leading to craned necks anyway. Instead, spend a little extra (but within reason, of course) and buy a supportive neck pillow this holiday season.

Price: $30.00+

Splurge-worthy holiday gifts for travelers

Splurge-Worthy Gifts for Travelers

When looking for ultra-special Christmas gifts for travelers that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives, think about gifting these splurge-worthy items this year.

DJI Drones

If the traveler in your life is into technology and videography, a DJI drone is the perfect addition to their gear collection. They’ll never forget the holiday season when they got a drone as a gift!

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Price: Ranges from approximately $650-$2,000+

Away Luggage

A proper luggage set is a perfect gift for the traveler in your life. Away Luggage offers a wide variety of modern luggage sets with thoughtful design and high-quality materials. From carry-ons to family-sized suitcases, you’ll be able to get some of the best Christmas gifts for travelers all in one place.

Price: $200-$600

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Kids fussing on airplanes. Loud terminals. Busy coffee shops. There’s a LOT of noise happening while you travel. And for digital nomads and remote workers, it can be a challenge to get work done or relax while on the go. With noise-cancelling headphones, they can shut out the world and focus.

Price: Ranges depending on the brand purchased.


If the traveler in your life is an avid reader, chances are they’ll complete several books over the course of their trip. But packing that many books would be a nightmare. Make their travels easier and more enjoyable by giving the gift of a Kindle!

Price: $89.99-$300.00


When traveling, you never know when you’ll have access to WiFi. For those who travel for work, this can be a challenge. When you have a Skyroam global WiFi spot, you can access the Internet from anywhere in the world. Plus, it doubles as a charging port!

Price: Varies depending on subscription and product purchased.

Which Christmas Gifts for Travelers Made Your Wish List?

What are you wishing for this holiday season?

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